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Fashion has changed in multiple ways since the first bathing suits were made in the mid 19th century. Women were previously bathing in modest swimwear. Modest swimwear consisted of long skirts with modesty shorts underneath. Modesty shorts are a lot like the boyshort swimwear we see today. As fashion evolved over the years the style of ladies swimwear did too.

What are the colors this year? Most designers are going one of two directinos. The first direction is a retro look which integrates a wide variety of pastels and tropical colors to show a vibrant fashion rainbow. These looks are energetic and enticing, and often pair with retro styles for a beautiful look that recalls the glamour of the 1980s. The other route that designers are taking has been for simple single-color shades. Classy reds, blacks, purples, blues, and oranges seem to be taking the stage with more than a little beauty.

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Resort wear consists of upscale clothing for the affluent consumer who would like to be comfortable as well as chic whether on the beach or in a Michelin ranked restaurant. Resort wear can range from shorts, skirts, sandals, and the regulatory swimsuit and cover-up to light dinner jackets and evening gowns.

Summer is right around the corner and one of the hottest swimsuit trends for the coming summer months is rhinestone swimwear. Bring the club poolside and you will look like a million bucks!

For many people around the world fashion has always been thought of as artwork for the body and recently that thought process has expanded to swimwear. Embellished rhinestone swimwear is one of the ways designers are breaking new ground in the world of swimwear fashion.


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